Become a YouTuber (that gets millions of views)

Low quality YouTube videos make people stop watching. That was me, I was struggling to get even 100 views per video. My dreams of becoming a YouTuber were dying.  Everything changed when I started making high production-value content. This is the course I wish I had.

There is strong competition.

Low quality video + low quality audio = no views. There are too many people creating high quality content to get by with sub-par production quality these days.


I didn't realize this. I was posting every week, for months with no new views or new subscribers. I nearly quit twice. 


It wasn't until three months later, over a 1000 hours of wasted work down the drain, that I realized what was wrong.


My video quality sucked.

What Top YouTuber's Know:


  • FCP keybinds and shortcuts to work efficiently and save time
  • How to formulate a compelling story with the A-cut
  • When to integrate B-roll and Music leveling to keep someone watching
  • Color Grade and Audio Mastering


  • The camera settings to make your video look professional
  • How to professionally light your videos with a key light, fill light, and background light
  • Optimal set design to limit distractions and create your brand
  • Microphone positioning and room treatment for top audio quality


  • The hidden strategies for creating a compelling video
  • The proper gear to use
  • How to use a drone and skits to level up your videos
  • The secret video asset every single successful YouTuber has.

I finally figured it out: Production Quality Matters

Slowly, I began systematically analyzing and learning everything about the most successfull YouTubers. Their lighting, camera position, microphone choice, audio editing, B-roll insertion, music mastering.


It all started to make sense. In one month I gained 100,000 subscribers. I received my first YouTube paycheck. I started to make enough money to not only live off of YouTube but thrive off of YouTube.


The secret? Production quality.

I'll teach you everything I know so you can start getting 1,000,000+ views

By the end you'll be able to:

  • Edit a video from start to finish
  • Easily handle the camera, lighting, and audio
  • Develop workflow so you can do this part-time
  • Make Professional YouTube Videos

Before Color Grade

 After Color Grade

Learn to color grade your videos. You will know exactly what to do with your color temperature, shadows, highlights, green/pink balance, and more by the end of my editing course. In the PRO and ULTIMATE package, you will have access to my color grade, where you can drag and drop it onto your footage. However, because all footage is not created equal, color temperature and brightness will need adjusting afterward.

Why not buy another YouTuber's course instead? 

My course is about editing videos in Final Cut Pro and video production. I didn't see any other courses that go in-depth on how the actual videos are made. So I made this course. I made the entire course on my own.

I will not be telling you how to start a newsletter, use social media, plan your content, or create your brand. If you want a course like that, I strongly recommend Ali Abdaal's or Matt D'avella's course.

will tell you how to make some of the highest quality content possible, from hitting record on the camera to uploading to YouTube:




Beginner YouTube Course Student Success

What people say

I had been waiting to start a YouTube channel for over a year, and Zach’s course is just what I was looking for! The two main things that I needed help on were the general production of videos and then editing those videos. I was amazed to see these are precisely the categories that the course covers in considerable detail. Zach has put all the most essential information you need, especially when you are starting, in such a holistic manner that it makes this course a must-do for anyone trying to get on YouTube or even just learning how to make videos.

and that's just one...

"I bought PRO just for the Audio Correction and Color Grade. I can't believe how good my videos look and sound now. I keep rewatching my videos like, that's MY video!?"

Diana JimenezDiana JimenezPRO Package

"My life is 1000x easier, and my production quality has dramatically improved. I have learned new skills in this course that I haven't learned after months of searching."

Fred LiFred LiPRO Package

“The amount of effort Zach has put into the Beginner YouTube Course is astounding. I wasn't sure about the price at first, but the new skills I’ve learned in videography and video editing have made it more than worth it.

Richard FisherRichard FisherPRO Package

By the end you'll be able to... 


Edit a video from start to finish using Final Cut Pro. After the editing course, your videos will have a higher quality than most of the other YouTube videos out there. From perfecting color correction to audio mastering, the editing course will make you a next-level editor. 


How to set the proper exposure of a video. How to design the set. What settings are best on your camera for making the video look as good as possible. Your videography skills will be seriously improved. You will know your way around a camera that most people don't.


Lighting is critical. Position a key light, background light, fill light, and hair light. Know what levels to set these lights to. Know what color temperature to set these lights to. Know how to add your artistic and personal creative idea into your lighting setup. Start lighting professionally.


After content, audio is the most important aspect of a video's quality. Know where to position the microphone, which microphone is best, and how to set up the interface, so your audio quality is as good as possible. If you only take one lesson from this course it should be this one.

Course Modules:

Video Production  

1. The Camera

  • Workflow
  • Exposure
  • Composition
  • Frame Rate
  • White Balance
  • Camera Settings
  • Lens
  • Tripod
  • Gear Guide

2. The Set

  • Setup Guide
  • Camera Position
  • Background setup
  • Monitoring
  • Gear Guide

3. Lighting

  • Basic Guidelines
  • Types of Lighting
  • Light Positioning
  • Gear Guide

4. Audio

  • Essential Guidelines
  • Microphone Types
  • Microphone Polar Patterns
  • Audio Setup and Monitoring
  • Gear Guide

5. Special Additions

  • Drone
  • Camera Angles
  • B-roll
  • Special Devices

Final Cut Pro Editing 

1. A-Cut

  • Create your first library, project, and import media
  • The Final Cut Pro Layout
  • Matching Audio and Video
  • Essential Key Binds
  • First Cut
  • Second Cut

2. B-Cut

  • Essential FCP Plug-ins
  • Transitions
  • Text Overlays
  • Infographics
  • B-roll Integration
  • Utilizing Stock Footage

3. Final Edit

  • Final Video Changes
  • Color Correction
  • Hook the Viewer
  • Audio Correction
  • Music Leveling
  • Audio Mastering
  • Export Settings

Josh Chen - YouTuber

As an established content creator, Zach’s course is really helpful in seeing where I can take things to the next level. People would always complain about my audio quality in the past, but this course explained how I could step it up and offered three different options based on my budget—excited to put these lessons to good use!



George Edward - YouTuber

Since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to do YouTube full time, but I always felt like I lacked the direction, tools, and equipment to do so. Zach Highley’s Beginner YouTube Course immediately propelled my entire YouTube channel in a positive direction. By implementing the structure and guidelines this course provided, I have improved my video quality and my overall execution strategy. Not only that, but Zach has personally answered questions I have had while growing up on YouTube! This course IS the secret sauce.


Most Popular


The best way to learn how to record and edit videos for YouTube.

  • Lifetime access to Beginner YouTube Course 
  • 2 hr+ Production Course where you will learn how film, light, and master audio for your videos.
  • 2 hr+ Final Cut Pro Editing Course where you will learn everything I know, plus some extra things, about editing in Final Cut Pro



The best value and the most popular. It seems people like this option. Get noticed on YouTube.

  • Everything in the Core Package
  • Drag-and-Drop Color Grade
  • Drag-and-Drop Audio Correction
  • 80-Point Checklist for Filming, Editing, and Publishing Videos
  • 19-Page Production Guide PDF
  • 52-Page Final Cut Pro Editing Guide PDF



It's called "Ultimate" for a reason.

  • Everything in the Pro Package
  • A 1-Hour Recorded Private Zoom Call with me to guide you through excelling on YouTube or the Internet
  • Personal Feedback on your first 3 YouTube videos: title and thumbnail advice, what went wrong, what went right, and how to get better (all from me)
  • Vlogging Guide PDF where I walk you through how to organize a vlog, integrate music, use a drone, and shoot cinematically


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I am really confident in this course. But, I understand, things happen. So, if you get through all the course's video lessons and still are not satisfied, that's completely fine. Just shoot me an email, and I'll refund your full payment within 30 days from when you signed up. 


Again, this money-back guarantee only applies if you watched all of the videos and contacted me within 30 days of sign-up. This is for your benefit. I want you to put the time and work into this. That's the only way to get good. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access for?

As soon as you buy the Beginner YouTube Course, you have immediate and forever access at whatever package level you buy (unless the internet explodes).

Can I use this guide if I don't want to post on YouTube?

This guide has been checked by videographers, audiographer, and editing professionals. This guide serves as a fantastic introduction to becoming a videographer or video editor—no need to post on YouTube. Start selling your skills as a freelancer and escape the 9-5. 

What experience do I need to have?

No experience in Final Cut Pro, videography, or YouTube is needed. I start from the absolute basics and bring you up to speed slowly. If you have any questions during any part of the course, there is a Beginner YouTube Course (BYC) subscriber-only comment section where you can ask questions, and I will answer.

What sort of content or channel is this course suitable for?

My course is not about content. It is about recording, producing, and editing the highest quality videos possible. Your videos could be about anything from interviewing professionals to teaching chickens how to fly (if you succeed, please let me know, for research purposes, of course). 

Will Zach be involved at all?

There is a comment section for BYC students only. I will reply to any comments I see within the course. If you purchase the ULTIMATE package, you will get a 1-hour private chat with me.

What is the minimum equipment to start this course?

You need a computer and motivation! The production guide includes how to record optimal videos from your smartphone. I have recommendations within the course that will dramatically upgrade your production quality for under $100 total.