iPad Pro Magic Keyboard Impressions – is it Useful?1 min read

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A $300 “magic” keyboard? Is it worth it? In short – yes.

The iPad Pro is amazing. I use it for practice testing, active recall, and my daily Anki cards.

I also use it to take notes, watch Netflix, and (as a test) I am actually writing this post from the iPad. One thing I definitely know.

I love this keyboard.

The iPad Pro Magic Keyboard is just fun to type on and very useful.

Key Notes:

  • Only works with iPad Pros
  • The magnets are really strong that connect the iPad to the keyboard
  • The case has “pass-through” charging, which means I can plug the USB-c cable into the iPad (+1 for being a laptop)
  • The magic case is heavy, the same weight as the actual iPad


  • It’s extremely fun to type on
  • Extremely Sturdy
  • Basically “laptop converter”
  • Amazing travel accessory


  • Can’t use it for:
    • Video Editing
    • Single Base for taking notes (need another screen for the video)
    • listening to music
  • Difficult to open up
  • Price

I have only had this case for about a month. But I love. First impressions? Do you have an iPad Pro? Do you ever type on your iPad?

Buy it.



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