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Emotional, gripping, and somber, why is it that all good artists have some aspect of sadness in their life? Open, an autobiography of Andre Agassi, chronicles his fantastic tennis career as he became one of the best tennis players ever, all the while “hating tennis.”

Andre’s book, in the end, comes back to what my dad always tells me, “you can change careers, that’s fine, but always max out at 45°, not 90°, and never 180°.” Andre left tennis but continued to teach it; he also continued to be a presence in public and built one of the most amazing charities ever.

Otherwise, this is just a good story and good writing. There is something about biographies, particularly autobiographies, that is appealing to me. Something that makes it more real.

This is another one of those books that I just read in one day over vacation because it was so good

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