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Rating: 3/10

“Winners Never Quit, Quitters Never Win.” – NOPE, says Seth Godin.

The Dip, Seth Godin says, is the extra mile part, the extra grind, the extra work it takes to succeed. When everyone else is quitting if you push that extra mile you can succeed.

The problem with saying this, is that in the next page he literally says “Quit.”

I understand Mr. Godin is trying to tell us that you have to quit certain things and stick with other things, but the nature of his advice, his recommendations, are so ethereal that they seem just that; non-existent, ghost-like.

There is no specific advice, not even a story, from the man who has so many stories and is so eloquent elsewhere. So how do I know when do quit? I certainly don’t know from this book.

Skip this book, but read his blog.

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