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I love podcasts. I like talking to cool people. I had a spare room. So, I built a podcast studio. It took me two years to finalize, but I think it’s pretty great.

In this post, I’ll show you everything in my new podcast studio.

Audio Gear

The Shure SM7B is a standard for a reason.

Camera and Lighting

I knew I wanted a video podcast studio and not only an audio studio. It’s one of the reasons why I only do in-person interviews. Plus, in-person interviews are just more fun.

To screw all these things onto the walls I needed a few special things:

Luckily, there are no external light sources in this room, so I can control every aspect of the light.

The Room, Table, and Chairs

I literally had to build a wall. Behind the wall was a huge window that I thought I could block off, but after a couple of tests, I realized just blocking it would not be good enough. I needed to build a wall, so I hired a team to put it up a wall.

Next is the table. I knew I wanted the biggest table that could fit my room with the standard parson table design. Luckily, I know a fantastic woodworker in the area that made a fantastic custom table.

After designing my dream desk, I knew the best possible seats to sit in for an extended period. I want my guests to feel comfortable sitting for one, two, three, or four hours. The silver/white looked best.

4 x Chairs: Herman Miller Aeron Mineral / Satin Aluminum


The shelf took forever to arrive, but glad I waited. It adds some depth to the room and allows me to put some cool stuff on it.

Shelf: Enloe Modular Triple Bookshelf

What’s on it:

  • Random accessories on the top from CB2, Amazon, and other random stores in the mall
  • Books
  • Alarm Clock
  • Old Sony a6000 camera, Sony ZV-1, Zoom H6, various lenses
  • On Air Sign

Extra Stuff

  • Portraits, four people I admire and draw inspiration from
    • Howard Stern
    • My Dad and Grandpa
    • Gordon Ramsay
  • Big Notebooks and Pens

I am so excited to start recording more and more podcasts; hopefully, this gives you some ideas if you are starting a podcast studio. Thanks for reading (and hopefully listening).

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