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When I was a teenager, never did I ever think I would read a 1000-page historical fiction but, but I did and oh boy, am I so glad I did.

Musashi is one of the best books I have read in a long time. A tranquil yet exciting book that teaches us not only about the samurai traditions and history of Japan, but also teaches us about ourselves. Are we being selfish? Are we working hard enough? What does it mean to be a good friend? What does it mean to set boundaries and rules in our life? What is our purpose in life?

To cut people down, to triumph over them, to display the limits of one’s strength, seemed increasingly vain. He wanted to conquer himself, to make life itself submit to him, to cause people to live rather than die. The Way of the Sword should not be used merely for his own perfection. It should be a source of strength for governing people and leading them to peace and happiness.

The book is about a young man in Japan who is in the army. He hasn’t led an honest life, stealing, fighting, and killing for his own benefit. At one point, he is caught and forced to sit with himself, with everything he has done. It is at this point where our hero changes and sets off on one of the most epic journeys ever to become a master swordsman, to become a samurai. He even changes his name to Musashi.

I plan to reread this book and take copious notes, as the first time I just read it lazily before bed. Musashi is an amazing book, don’t be scared by the 1000 pages, you will be sad when there are no pages left to read.

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